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Rules & Disclaimers

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Guild of Messengers Website Rules

The main purposes of the Guild of Messengers (GoMe) website are to provide a place where the Myst/Uru community can find and submit all the latest news about all things Myst and to provide a place for all the Messengers to communicate and organize the Guild work.

These are the general rules of the Guild of Messengers Website, please follow them while submitting contents:

  • The GoMe will only accept content free of vulgar language.  Submissions must be family-friendly.
  • The GoMe will accept articles about independent Uru shards (servers), within the other limitations described here.
  • The GoMe will not publish articles promoting piracy (unauthorized sharing of copyrighted material) or cracking (malicious hacking).
  • The GoMe prefers to publish only articles related to Cyan's franchises and the community built around them.  Articles that are unrelated are likely to be rejected; articles that promote commercial ventures that are unrelated WILL be rejected.
  • The Gome will not publish personal announcements related to buying, selling, or trading items.(e.g. "Hi, I have an original copy of the first Myst episode and I want to sell it. the price is xxx$. First come, first served.")
  • The GoMe will reject articles that are spam, trolling, harassment or unnecessary replication of other articles.
  • We happily accept feedback on articles published on our site.   If you see content on our site that seems in contradiction to the above rules, we would like to know.
  • The GoMe reserves the right to revise the rules at any time. If revision affects content sitting in the submission queue, the GoMe will attempt to contact the submitter to notify him or her of the rules change, and the GoMe will either accept or reject the submission as it applies under the new rules.
  • For the rules about forum posts and chat behaviour please refer to this document.

However, keep in mind that each submitted item will have to be approved by a Messenger and that the Guild Council may decide not to publish content if it goes against general moral or ethical laws or general Guild policy.

Repeatedly and/or intentionally breaking the rules of this website are grounds for warnings (first, by PM) and banning (after 3 warnings).

Warnings may be issued for any of the following:
- swearing
- spamming
- flaming
- racial, religious, or sexually-oriented slurs

The following actions are grounds for IMMEDIATE and NON-CONTESTABLE BANNING of your account:

- bypassing the security measures or tampering with the forum or website
- making off-topic and/or deceptive solicitations for commercial gain

Please note that for 99% of the people here, this will have little application, as the staff is not warn-happy. Only intentional infractions of site policy will result in warnings being issued. We are not out to get anyone, and these rules are in place strictly to preserve the current environment and protect the members here from problem users and trolls.

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